One fashion mistake is a wardrobe that is thrown together. If your wardrobe is thrown together you probably spend more than you need to look good and finding something suitable to wear every morning. It doesn't mean you don't look great if your wardrobe falls into the thrown together category. What it means is that you have to put too much thought into what you will wear and you will create a headache you don't need. 

This happens when you shop without a plan. You buy plenty of clothes that don't match anything else and you buy anything on sale without thinking. Then the shoes you bought don't match anything, and the dress you bought can only be worn in a particular special event, etc. 

If you want to look great and do it easily, you have to change your habits. Although buying everyday fashion on sale is not always a mistake, most of us lose ourselves in a sales rack. You need to hold back and think first. A bargain can be a bargain or it can cost you dearly. Start today so you can get back on track. 

If you check on clothes you haven't worn for a year or don't fit, get rid of it. List down what is left. Then make a list of items you need to complete your wardrobe and establish a budget. You wardrobe should be planned around a solid color and choose two other colors that complement that color. Choose denim colors to match what you already have in your closet. And, don't buy sales items unless they fit well and march three things that are already in your closet. Just remember that if you don't wear it, it is not a bargain. Update your wardrobe every season. 

It is important to give good first impressions. You only get this chance once. Within 3 seconds of meeting, people make impressions of who you are based on your appearance. Only a small percentage is left with impressions on what we say and the greater percentage is based on appearance. So, make sure what you are wearing sends the right message.For more facts and information regarding fashion, you can go to 


You create an unfavorable impression if you are inappropriately dressed. You lose out on this. You can be by-passed for a promotion if you are not in the habit of dressing to company standards. If you don't wear a suit and pumps to the beach, why wear flip flops and sleeveless to your office?